Subsequently are exposed the general conditions for renting between PEGUTOCA S.L. (from now on lessor) and the client (from now on lessee)

  1. The lessee receives to rent the described vehicle in perfect condition with all its documents, and he compromises himself to conserve them, and to drive the vehicle following the norms of the traffic laws as expressed in the Royal legislative Decree 33/ 1990 from the 2ndof march, by which is appro­ ved the articulated text of the Law of Traffic,Circulation of Motor Vehicles, Road Safety, and the modifications that will be approved a posteriori to this decree.
  2. Driver’s license: The lessee has to be in possession of the corresponding driver’s licence authorized in the country where the renting takes place, and with a minimum antiquity of 2 years. The minimum age to rent the vehicle will be 21 years old, with the possibility of renting the vehicle with a supplement for young drivers between 21 and 25 years old.
  3. Responsibility of lessee: The lessee assumes full responsibility for any infraction of driving or parking produced during the period of this contrae!. lf the client misplaces the keys, he will be charged 60 Euros for providing him with duplicates.
  4. The vehicle will be immobilized when A) – the driver infringes the law of traffic, B) – damages are caused intentionally, C) – in the vehicle travel more than the authorized number of people, O) – the vehicle is driven outside the paved roads (sand, beach, woods, mountains) , E) – the lessee is using the car for renting goods or transporting people (pirate taxi) etc. In each of these 5 cases the insurance will be automatically invalidated,and the lessee will assume all the consequences.
  5. Solidary responsibility: All lessees or additional authorized drivers will be solidarily responsible for all the lessees obligations and the applicable laws.
  6. Deposit & Booking & Policy of cancellation: The reservation can be realized by mail,telephone or web.The reservation will be considered reconfir­ med to all effects when PEGUTOCA, S. has proceded to process it in system, and has sent a mail o confirmation to the client. The deposit amount will be according to the rate chosen and the vehicle selected. One week before starting the rental the rest of the deposit will be paid. The reservation can be cancelled until three weeks before the date of the rental without any penalization. In case of cancellation between three weeks and the date of the beginning of the rental period the deposit will not be refunded.
  7. Duration of contract and rental price: On the back of these general conditions is specified the duration of the renting and the time of returning the vehicle. lf the lessee decides to terminate the contract early, he has no right to any refund of a proportional sum. Extension of contrae!: Always and only can be achieved by personal presence in the company’s office, signing a new lt can never be done and be valid by any other means (mail, telefon, etc.)
  8. Pick up and drop off times: The extra services (pick up and drop off) outside our offices are from 00 am till 09.00 pm with a cost of 45€ ( delivery) 30€ ( drop off/ return) . In case you want to pick up or return the vehicle in a different time there is an extra charge of 50€ each service and must be arranged in adavanced.
  9. Return of vehicle: The lessee will return the rented vehicle in the same condition he has received it in, and with all its document The lessee cannot modify any technical characteristics,nor modify any of the exterior aspects and/or accessories of same. Inthe contrary case the client will have to pay all expenses pertinent to restoring the vehicle to its original condition.
  10. 1O) Effects of non-return of the vehicle: The company w ill charge the daily rental cost for every day the client delays the return of the vehicle. Likewise if he abandons the vehicle or leaves it in a different place from where he is supposed to, there will be the following charges:
    lndemnity of 45 Euros for economic losses – Plus all the costs occurred (transfer, tow truck, Gasoline etc) to return the vehicle to the office.
  11. Payments and form of payment: Can be realized by bank transfer and/or credit card.A credit card used for a reservation has to be presented by its owner in the moment of receiving the car.The owner of the credit card will likewise be the principal driver of the vehicle.
  12. lnsurance: The vehicles of PEGUTOCA S. include a third party insurance (CDW) with a franchise of 500€ depending on the type of the vehicle, the value of the excess of the group of the hired vehicle will be blocked on the credit card and refunded when the vehicle is returned at the agreed time and place and under the agreed conditions. For an extra amount can be contracted a Full insurance (SCDW depending on the type of the vehicle in this case, the franchise will be only 250€ .This amount will be blocked on the credit card and refunded when the vehicle is returned at the agreed time and place and under the agreed conditions The insurance will never take charge of an accident if:
    – There is no communication in the first 24 hours of the “DAA”, indicating all personal dates of the driver, of his policy,its confirmation,and a report of accident – The insurance company reclines responsibility because of not driving in the physical and psychic conditions required by traffic law (driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving,or excess of speed) Clients obligation: In case of accident the client is obliged to: Obtain and remit to the lessor within 24 hours the properly drawn up “DAA” or accident report
    Notify immediately the authorities if the other part’s culpability has to be investigated, or if there are injured person.
    Not abandon the vehicle without taking the necessary measures for its protection.
    Our insurance does not include:Additional driver, loss and I or robery of keys, damage in locks or windows, damage on the underside of the car, tires, rims, seats, error in fuel and robery of the car.
  13. Theft and loss of personal objects: The lessor will take no responsibility for things stolen,forgotten,or lost in the interior of the vehicle.
  14. Fuel:The vehicle will be delivered with a full gas tank, therefore the client is supposed to return it with a full tank also. In case of the vehicle being returned with a tank not full, the client authorizes a charge off his credit card of 30 Euros for gasoline.
  15. Obligatory retention device for children: In the case of using the vehicle to transport children under 12 years old or older ones who are less than 1,35 meters tall, the lessee has to inform the lessor about this, so that he will be provided with the retention device before paying therental fee. The device has to be adapted to the weight and size of the child who will use The installation is responsibility of the lessee.
  16. Fines of traffic infractions during the rental period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Pegutoca S.L is obliged by law to provide the authorities with the data of customers who receive a traffic ticket during the renta! period.
  17. Legislation and jurisdiction applicable: PEGUTOCA S.L. will always s try to arrive at an amiable solution. lf that is not possible, any case will be resolved by the authority of the Ibiza Court.